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Jonathan Ian Chase

Independent Shorts

No Evil – Jonathan Ian Chase

Be Yourself – Jonathan Ian Chase

Event Curation

Curation by Amy Morse
Garage Art Party

This event series attracted thousands of attendees collectively. PAKKE partnered with dozens of artists in the DMV area and each event raised awareness surrounding social or environmental issues through art.

Curation by Dave Chandrasekaran & Miriam Berg
Sweet & Spooky: A Halloween Revue

This 400+ attendee event brought laughter, performance, and raised thousands for a local LGBTQ charity in Washington DC. This event could not have been possible without the dozen volunteers!

Curation by Dave Chandrasekaren and Paris Preston
Rabbit Hole Cinema: Phantom of the Opera

Although we were only able to organize a few of these before the pandemic hit, we are excited to bring back obscure, independent films to local communities.

Dave Chandrasekaran
Director, Event Curation

Dave Chandrasekaran has been organizing political and creative events in the Mid-Atlantic for nearly 10 years. From small, intimate political meet-&-greets, to 300+ person music and dance productions, to small and large scale non-profit fundraisers.  Dave has cultivated a network of artists, musicians and performers, particularly people of color, women, and LGBTQ communities, and integrates unique entertainment experiences with education on major social justice causes. 

Curation by Amy Morse
Smells Like DNA: A Pheromone Party

One of our first and definitely one of the most memorable. This event gained national awareness from The Washington Post and was a trivia question in NPR’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Curation by Amy Morse
Art & Activism: Garage Art Party

Activism is the game for PAKKE in a lot of ways. We want to show our values both in digital and live form. We are able to do that with these Garage Art Parties.

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