Meet the Team

Emmett Ferra

Emmett is the Executive Director and CoFounder of PAKKE. After working for large corporations such as Tesla Energy and CH Robinson, he ventured into startups. This experience of working directly with CEOs and other top executives, allowed him to harness the skills and grit to launch his own company. PAKKE, which launched in live event production, made a transition to digital media and filmmaking in 2020. Before corporate and startup career, Emmett worked at a medium-sized community theater in the Pocono Mountains for four years.

Jonathan Ian Chase

Executive Producer

Jonathan is a comedian, producer, writer, and filmmaker specializing in creative storytelling. He has worked professionally on set as a writer/producer in both New York and Hollywood, in addition to freelance production in Kansas City. Jonathan is passionate about writing and bringing compelling narratives to life. He believes that sharing our stories can bridge our gaps.

Dave Chandrasekaran

Director, Event Curation

Dave has overseen or assisted with well over 100 events up and down the Mid-Atlantic. From small, intimate political meet-&-greets, to 300+ person music and dance productions, to small and large scale non-profit fundraisers.  Dave has cultivated a network of artists, musicians and performers, particularly people of color, women, and LGBTQ communities, and integrates unique entertainment experiences with education on major social justice causes. Dave also has experience in public policy and advocacy at the state and national level, with a focus on racial justice and economic equity. In his spare time Dave supports the operations of a small neighborhood tavern in DC. He also oversees an all-volunteer project supporting voting rights in low-turnout communities across the country.

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