A Production & Design Company

PAKKE’s mission is to build an inclusive company that facilitates the discovery of unique and moving stories; give brands a more meaningful way to connect with consumers; and, offer up a platform for artists to forge emotional connections through their self-expression.

What We Do

Curated Culture: A Documentary Series

Art of Storytelling

The compelling nature of individuals and groups is what drives us to capture it on film, photography, and other digital means. We want to take these stories and elevate them for audiences around the world.

Video Production Enterprise & Nonprofit

Fundraising Ad Produced by PAKKE

We aim to capture the uniqueness of a brand through the perspectives from both the leaders and the recipients of their product or service.


Graphic Design

PAKKE looks to creative innovators from our past and present in order to inspire our creations whether it is for original content or media developed for a partner portfolio.

Social Education & Progressive Topics

History of the Police produced by PAKKE

PAKKE is producing a series of videos with the goal of making information shareable and digestible. Jamaal Dorsey joined us for our first presentation on the History of the American Police. Please feel free to share with friends, family, and followers.


Digital & Print Design

PAKKE assists marketing and advertising teams need to modernize their company or nonprofit’s brand.

What Our Partners Say

“PAKKE is an amazing content partner. Their focus on detail and quality is impeccable and they will go the extra mile to always get the perfect shot.”

Jennifer Sherman, The Influencer Collective


Partnering with the Creative Community

Whether it is digital media or live events, we continue to work closely with artists searching for ways to expand their audience; and we partner with them on projects that are a perfect fit for their skills.

Conrado Muluc

Conrado has been featured in the Washington Post as it pertains to hip hop and activism during the BLM movement.


Maps Glover

Maps has been featured in Conde Naste Traveler, Washington Post and Fathom Magazine.


Kasha Patel

Kasha was listed on Thrillist magazine’s “Best Undiscovered Comedians in the US” where she was called a unicorn for her uniqueness.


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